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Guides and Information

This page will contain a range of resources and information to inform and guide fieldwork and research. This page is a constant work in progress.

General Information

Good practice guidelines for the recording of wartime heritage assets have been absent for many years now and this is our first attempt at creating a series of guidelines that can be used to ensure ethical field work.

A basic introduction to Historic Environment Records across the UK and how you can contact them.

Recording Guides

A basic introduction to identifying the different types of trench used within the defensive landscape of the UK. Trenches often go unrecognised and unrecorded despite being an important part of the wartime defensive landscape.

Recording Methodology

This is a standardised archaeological site recording form tailored for recording Second World War era sites, buildings and features. A detailed site recording guide which shows how to fill out the sections of this form can be found over on Chris Kolonko’s website.

Please liaise with your local Historic Environment Record before submitting completed recording forms.

This is an example of a site record compiled for a local Historic Environment Record (HER). The air raid shelter is real and the contents of the report are what was submitted to the HER to create a record for the structure. Location information has been removed to protect the privacy of the landowner.

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