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Update- April 2021

We have started to populate our Site Type Guide! So far we have information on how to identify and record Weapon Slits and Anti Tank Blocks. A preview of the Pillboxes is also live and will be updated over time. We will continue to update the information in due course.

The UK SWW Heritage group is an independent heritage group set up in 2018 by Chris Kolonko and Peter Hibbs.

From the pillbox, to the air raid shelter and the trench, sites and structures from the Second World War are all around us. But we still know very little about their archaeology or the stories of the people associated with these surviving sites.

The group aims to encourage involvement the archaeological and historical investigation Second World War heritage assets within the UK; especially those that are often overlooked and not necessarily part of the country’s defences during this period. This will include guidance on researching, recording and interpreting surviving sites and guidance on their preservation.

We are focussed on encouraging ethical involvement in the archaeological and historical investigation of Second World War sites in the UK. We encourage members of the public to record their findings with the relevant local Historic Environment Record (HER) (Scotland HER contact) (Northern Ireland SMR contact) to ensure the definitive record is kept up to date. By recording sites with your local HER, SMR or Welsh Archaeological Trusts you can help to promote the preservation of wartime sites and buildings.

We are also keen to work with professional heritage organisations across the UK to promote our aims, provide professional guidance and encourage the recording and preservation of Second World War sites and structures.

All content on this website is created by C. Kolonko and P. Hibbs, unless otherwise stated.

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We recommend all visitors take the time to read through our Good Practice Guidelines page before conducting any fieldwork.

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